Our Buddhist Roots

There are many advocates and critics of mindfulness alike that claim that the practice today has been severed from its Buddhist roots, losing its ethics and deeper wisdom in the process. But, what if ethics and wisdom are so intrinsic to contemporary mindfulness that they can’t be separated?

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Gratitude…the best mindfulness attitude

In this blog, therapist and mindfulness teacher Tony O’Shea-Poon talks about the physiology of gratitude (what happens in our brains and bodies when we feel gratitude), the benefits of gratitude and how we might express gratitude so that it starts to become our normal state.

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Mindfulness Drop-in Dates 2020

Every month, we get together at the Quaker Centre, Milton Keynes to practice mindfulness meditation in a tranquil and peaceful setting. Numbers are only limited by the space available.

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Mindfulness at Work – 5 Top Tips

In recent years, employers of all shapes and sizes have recognised the benefits of looking after their teams mental health and promoting wellbeing at work, helping employees to manage stress levels, stay focused and increase cooperation and workplace loyalty. Mindfulness at work, in particular has become an increasingly popular choice for employers committed to supporting staff to develop resilience in response to workplace stressors.

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Mindful Activism Talk

This is the transcript of a talk given by mindfulness teacher, Tony O'Shea-Poon of Mindful Me, at the Milton Keynes Vegan Festival 2019, on the topic of Mindful Activism. Some variation will have occurred in the spoken delivery.

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