Wellbeing at Work

Wellbeing Workshops

We offer several workshops that provide key skills for workplaces, including our mental health series, managing change and conflict resolution.

If you have a particular need, we can adjust an existing workshop or develop something bespoke to your needs.

Mental Health Awareness

60 mins

mental health awareness - wellbeing workshops - mindful me

Did you know that 1 in 4 people are likely to experience a mental health difficulty of some kind each year? And there are 72 million working days lost each year, at a cost of around £35 billion. This workshop helps participants to understand the continuum of mental health, the causes of poor mental health and the protective factors that can support mental resilience. Participants receive top tips to support their mental health and learn about the importance of staying connected with others to promote their wellbeing.

Understanding Anxiety and Depression

60 mins

Understanding anxiety and depression - wellbeing workshops - mindful me

This workshop explains the relationship between stress and anxiety and depression and teaches how we can respond to signs of excessive stress and tension. Anxiety and depression are explored in more detail, particularly the ways that they can affect our ability to function normally. Participants are presented with scenarios that help them to notice the signs that they or colleagues are experiencing mild, moderate or more severe forms of anxiety or depression, and know what to do in such circumstances. A guided practice helps participant to become aware of and release tension and anxiety.

Understanding Mental Illness

60 mins

understanding mental illness - wellbeing workshops - mindful me

Despite the prevalence of mental health conditions, there is still a surprising amount of stigma associated with it, and this is especially the case for more serious conditions such as personality disorders or psychotic disorders, where there may be irrational fear. For other conditions such as eating disorders or self-harm, there can be a great deal of misunderstanding and worry about saying or doing the wrong thing. This workshop helps to reduce stigma by informing participants about these different conditions, teaching them to recognise when someone is in crisis and needs help and providing helpful tips to help themselves and others to stay mentally healthy.

Managing Change at Work

60 mins

managing change at work - wellbeing workshops - mindful me

This workshop is aimed at people who have recently experienced or are soon to experience change at work, of whatever kind that might be. As change at work is somewhat inevitable, this workshop is suitable for all. It focuses on understanding change and our related emotions and teaches skills for connecting with and rebalancing difficult emotions that arise. It includes practical tips for managing change successfully and uses a powerful, positive visualisation, used by many athletes and top business leaders to create successful future outcomes.

Managing Conflict at Work

60 mins

managing conflict at work - wellbeing workshops - mindful me

This workshop presents the idea that conflict at work is normal and natural, but that we all have a responsibility to recognise the signs of unhealthy conflict and to manage ourselves in these situations. It also introduces the idea of power in organisations and how we can exert influence in many ways. Participants are taught about the signs of healthy and unhealthy conflict and are introduced to a diagnostic tool to help them recognise their own behaviour style in conflict situations. The workshop concludes with some common work conflict scenarios which participants are asked to help solve.

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