Wellbeing at Work

Are you looking for mindfulness or wellbeing services for your team or organisation?

Do you want a one-off workshop, a series of events, a wellbeing day or a course for people with a particular need?

We offer a range of options that include short guided meditation sessions, 1-hour mindfulness and wellbeing workshops, courses for coaches and mentors, a programme for schools and colleges and the world-renowned Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course.

All our services are currently offered online and in-person across the UK.

We have a wealth of experience in delivering workshops, courses and special events in organisations of all types and sizes. We have worked with Boards, management teams and people working in frontline services.

We have a range of off-the-shelf workshops and courses and we can tailor anything we do to be more specific to your needs.

We are affordable, reliable, skilled and ethical in our approach.

What We Offer

Guided Meditations

30 mins

Short guided meditations help to relieve stress, calm the mind and body and promote a peaceful state. We offer a wide range of different options for guided meditation, including various forms of mindfulness, guided visualisations and silence/bell meditation. A short, guided meditation is a perfect way to start or end the week.

Mindfulness Workshops

1 hour

A mindfulness workshop is an interactive experience, mixing engaging information with practical mindfulness meditation. Each workshop has a different theme and can be run stand-alone or as part of a series. Mindfulness workshops are ideal for teaching your team some vital skills to help manage stress and anxiety and to build confidence and resilience.

Wellbeing Workshops

1 hour

We offer several workshops that provide key skills for workplaces, including mental health awareness, managing change with confidence, building resilience, effective communication and conflict resolution. If you have a particular need, we can adjust an existing workshop or develop something bespoke to your needs.

Mindfulness for Coaches and Mentors

6 hr course

This short course or continuing professional development day is created especially for those who are coaching or mentoring within your organisation. Participants will learn the fundamentals of mindfulness and how to integrate mindful communication skills with their coaching/mentoring practice to improve their personal presence and positive impact on coachees/mentees. The delivery schedule is very flexible, for example it can be a full day, two half days or three sessions of 2 hours each.

Mindfulness for Schools and Colleges

2 courses, 6 hrs each

This two-part mindfulness training is especially made for teachers and staff in Schools and Colleges. Part 1 focuses on learning and practicing personal mindfulness, while Part 2 provides skills and resources to transmit the practice to pupils and the wider school or college community. It’s a great choice if you want to invest in your teachers to develop their personal presence, awareness and resilience and for those who can go on to support the school or college to develop a mindful culture for the benefit of pupil learning and development. The delivery schedule is very flexible, for example each part can be a full day, two half days or three sessions of 2 hours each.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Course

8 hr course

mindfulness gift retreat lying down

We offer the world-renowned Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course, developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn, which is evidenced to have a major positive impact on reducing stress and increasing wellbeing and happiness. It is suitable for whole teams and for individuals from different departments. It is also ideal for coaches, mentors, learning and development teams, wellbeing champions and mental health first aiders, developing capacity and capabilities in these important organisational roles. The course teaches every major aspect of mindfulness practice and is often transformative for participants and workplaces.

Delivery is typically 8 x 1 hours over 8 consecutive weeks or 4 x 2 hours over 4 consecutive weeks. Sessions are offered online or in-person. 

Benefits of Mindfulness and Wellbeing Support

Offering wellbeing services to your teams can help to reduce stress and absenteeism, increase focus and productivity and promote loyalty to your company.

All of our programmes take a mindfulness-based approach, which is proven to have numerous benefits for individuals and for groups of people working together.

Why Choose Mindful Me?

  • 25 Years Experience

    Mindful Me is led by Tony O’Shea-Poon, a mindfulness teacher and tutor at the UK College of Mindfulness Meditation. Tony has practiced meditation in a number of forms for more than 25 years. He is an experienced workplace coach and has worked in the private, public and voluntary sectors. See more information about Tony below.

  • UK-Wide Network

    We are able to offer all of our workshops and courses both online and in-person. If you have offices in a number of locations and you prefer to have in-person support, we can deliver services through our network of qualified mindfulness teachers across the UK.

  • Skilled Facilitation

    We’re skilled in facilitating groups of all sizes, in all settings and have worked with people in all kinds of job roles, including boards, executive management and front-line service providers. We take great care to facilitate active and meaningful engagement from workshop and course participants.

  • Tailor Made

    We are very happy to tailor our standard workshops and courses to address your particular situation or needs. We are also happy to explore with you the development of completely bespoke training if our current offer doesn’t meet your requirements.

  • Affordable

    We offer a very high quality of content and delivery for a very affordable price. Our one-off guided meditations start from just £100 and a full day of training from £800. We offer a discount for multiple bookings. We also offer a no-obligation initial consultation and quotation.

  • Partners with AWWC

    We have teamed up with the national At Work Wellbeing Company to be able to offer you a wider range of wellbeing workshops and classes, including nutrition and healthy eating, fitness classes, desk yoga, laughter yoga, sleep matters, digital awareness, financial wellbeing and much more. See more information about AWWC below.

What People Say

Wonderful session and loads of positive feedback! Tony was great and can’t wait to have him back! Everyone found the session really enlightening and people liked the fact we’re able to share handouts before the call and how soothing Tony’s voice is. It was a wonderful session and loads of people really enjoyed it. Thank you so much.
Joanna Seraspi
Accenture & HMRC (Joint workshop)
Firstly I would like to thank you Tony for your help in turning this around for me so quickly at such short notice! Daniela was wonderful and people really enjoyed the session!! Her work resonated with what we do, and it was a really fitting session for the day!
Melissa Santos
Evolve You
The facilitator was excellent. He remained calm throughout and was very knowledgeable about his subject area. The information given was very helpful and the session engaging. Tony is great - as always, very fair and inclusive. I hope that we will have more opportunities in the future to have similar training sessions,
Various Participants
Queen Mary University of London
Mindful Me ran a great session at our mental health event for young people. I was helping to host the event so felt very stressed under the pressure of the day but instantly, as soon as the session began, I felt all of my worries go away. I will be sure to use some of the calming techniques in the future. Thank you!
Georgia and Roz
MKYCAB Chair of Mental Health Group / Youth Worker
Excellent - delivered through an online session to a large number of particpants, so much achieved in such a short time. The most useful part of the course was time to reflect and consider the content and then how i can use that to improve upon my own feelings and interpretation by others. The explanations of mindfulness and emotions were useful and the relaxation techniques which I know I'll find very useful when a stressful situation arises.
Various Participants
Canon International
That was absolutely brilliant – everyone loved it. I sent everybody the recording today along with the slides and meditation practice you sent me – I have received more excellent feedback. Thanks again.
University of the Creative Arts

Who is Tony O'Shea-Poon?

Tony O'Shea-Poon 1600x1600

Tony is a hypno-psychotherapist, mindfulness teacher, coach and peace activist.

In his career, he has worked in the voluntary, public and private sectors. He worked in health care and then in equality and diversity for many years and at The Open University for 15 years, his final role as Director of Academic Strategy, supporting the executive team.

Tony is a member of the national Mindfulness Now teacher training team at the UK College of Mindfulness Meditation and a tutor at the UK College of Clinical Hypnosis.

He is a practicing Buddhist in the Plum Village tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh and brings positive energy, warmth and compassion to all of his work supporting organisations.

You Can Bring Mindfulness Skills In-house

We can train one or more of your staff to deliver ongoing mindfulness training within your organisation.

Our mindfulness teacher training is accredited by the UK College of Mindfulness Meditation and approved by the British Psychological Society. It consists of 5 consecutive days of training, followed by assessment. It’s also more affordable than you might think.

Interested in On-Demand Resources?

Want your teams to be able to access virtual wellbeing video, audio and written content at any time?

In partnership with At Work Wellbeing Company, we offer complete online, customisable support from a team of wellbeing specialists at a very reasonable price.

With sections covering fitness and physical wellbeing, mental health, nutrition, and mindfulness, the Wellbeing Zone has got you covered.

If you subscribe to the Wellbeing Zone through Mindful Me, you will be eligible for a preferential discounted rate.

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