Embrace Mindful Eating at Christmas for a Nourishing and Joyful Holiday

This post encourages integrating mindful eating into Christmas celebrations. Mindful eating enhances enjoyment, digestion, portion control, emotional regulation, and incites gratitude. Techniques include setting intentions, engaging senses, practicing portion control, expressing gratitude, and tuning into hunger and fullness cues. The goal is to experience the holiday's joy without compromising well-being, emphasizing savoring every moment and making conscious healthful choices.

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Stage Hypnosis Vs Hypnotherapy – Not So Different?

In this article I take a brief look at the similarities and differences between hypnotists using stage hypnosis on the one hand and hypnotherapists using hypnotherapy on the other. There are perhaps more similarities than some professional hypnotherapists would like to acknowledge, but there is also one fundamental difference. Read on to find out what it is.

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Mindful Eating for Weight Management

Mindful Eating is a remarkable way of bringing joy into our lives, while at the same time supporting our physical and emotional wellbeing, helping to transform our relationship with food and with our bodies. In this extended blog article, first published in the Breathing Space journal for Mindfulness Teachers and Therapists, Tony O'Shea-Poon talks about the need for mindful eating, its origins and some of the benefits it has brought to him and clients he has worked with. He also shares some of the mindful eating stages and skills that he teaches clients in his Mindful Eating 6-Step Programme.

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