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Mindfulness Workshops

A mindfulness workshop is an interactive experience, mixing engaging information with practical mindfulness meditation. Each workshop has a different theme and can be run stand-alone or as part of a series. Mindfulness workshops are ideal for teaching your team some vital skills to help manage stress and anxiety and to build confidence and resilience.

The following is a selection of our mindfulness workshops. We can tailor any workshop or develop something bespoke to meet your needs and circumstances.

Mindfulness to Manage Stress

60 mins

Mindfulness to Manage Stress - Mindfulness Workshops - Mindful Me

This workshop explains the physical, emotional, cognitive and behavioural effects of stress, particularly the damaging effect of excessive or prolonged stress and explains how mindfulness can help. An interactive exercise teaches participants how to take control of stressful situations and to act to help change difficult thoughts and feelings. It teaches two helpful meditation practices to alleviate stress. The 3-step breathing space helps participants to deal with stressful situations in the moment, while the breath meditation helps to soothe and calm the mind and body.

Mindfulness to Build Resilience

60 mins

Mindfulness to Build Resilience - Mindfulness Workshops - Mindful Me

This workshop explores the concept of resilience, why it is so important at work and how we can develop more of it. It explains how mindfulness can help us to change our relationship to difficulties and challenges we experience and as a consequence develop greater resilience. Participants are taught how to connect to the sensations in their body to notice challenges earlier and they learn a mindfulness practice of exploring difficulty, while remaining centred and calm. The workshop ends with 10 top tips for building resilience through everyday mindfulness.

Mindfulness in Nature

60 mins

Mindfulness in Nature - Mindfulness Workshops - Mindful Me

Despite its name, this workshop can also take place indoors and even online. The healing and therapeutic power of nature is well researched and experienced by many people in many different ways. This workshop explores several ways of connecting with nature in a mindful way, that is to say, in a way that allows us to be fully present in order to truly appreciate the experience. We enjoy a beautiful soundscape, explore the interconnected nature of all things and learn how to open all our senses to the world around us. The workshop ends with the art of slow, gentle mindful walking.

Mindful Decision-Making

60 mins

Mindful Decision Making - Mindfulness Workshops - Mindful Me

It is estimated that the average adult makes about 35,000 somewhat conscious decisions each day and every decision we make carries consequences for ourselves and others. This workshop brings the power of mindful attention to decisions that really matter. It explains the conditions that are necessary for good decision-making and how to avoid pitfalls. Participants are taught the OODA loop – Observe, Orient, Decide, Act – a proven method of learning from past experiences. The insight meditation taught is one that is known to sharpen the mind and help us to see the true nature of situations more clearly.

Mindful Communication

60 mins

Mindful Communication - Mindfulness Workshops - Mindful Me

In this workshop, participants will learn about the importance of our emotions, which can hinder or support us in the ways we relate to and communicate with others. Participants will learn how to notice, name and manage difficult emotions such as anger, frustration, jealousy and fear. Participants will be taught the ABCs of emotions, a technique that allows us to identify and calm difficult emotions. We will also explore the components of effective communication and learn about the three vital mindful communication skills – deep listening, clear intention and wise speech.

Mindful Eating

60 mins

Mindful Eating - Mindfulness Workshops - Mindful Me

Although most of us eat every day, we don’t always get to enjoy our food because our minds are elsewhere. Some of us also have difficult relationships with food, perhaps over-eating or under-eating or not eating healthy foods. This unique workshop explores the entire process of eating, of which putting food in our mouth and swallowing is only one small part. It teaches six specific mindful eating skills that allow us to be fully present and fully appreciative of the wonderful gift of food. This workshop is a joyful experience that brings mindful awareness to an everyday activity and teaches a skill that can be applied to many other areas of our lives.

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