Mindfulness-Based Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma Course in London

Externally-accredited practitioner training in Mindfulness-Based hypno-psychotherapy, leading to a national qualification awarded by the National Council for Hypnotherapy

No prior qualifications or entry requirements.

Training takes place at the beautiful Terapia Centre, Finchley, North London.

Now there is no need to choose a single field of hypnotherapy.

On our UK College of Clinical Hypnosis diploma course, you will learn cognitive behavioural, solution-focused and Ericksonian branches of hypnosis, as well as many other techniques including Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique, Regression Therapy and Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing.

Our training is unique in offering a mindfulness-based approach to clinical hypno-psychotherapy

By the end of our course, you will have everything you need to start practicing as a clinical hypnotherapist and mindfulness teacher.
You will be able to support people with a wide range of presenting conditions and disorders.

Course Structure


The Mindfulness-Based Clinical Hypnosis Diploma consists of 4 x 5 day modules.

Training is attendance-based in London and is of a highly practical nature. No prior knowledge or experience is required.

You will learn theory and observe and participate in many demonstrations in a safe, supportive and relaxed environment.

You will receive a comprehensive manual for each module week, plus all the slides and other handouts used throughout the course.

The course is non-residential but many participants choose to stay in local accommodation so they can fully immerse themselves in learning during each week.

After each week, you are required to undertake a case study and complete a short question paper, which are assessed. You will receive a certificate for each successfully completed module.

Course Qualifications

UK College of Clinical Hypnosis London

Complete 4 modules of 1 week each (20 days in total) and, following assessment, you will receive your Diploma in Mindfulness-Based Clinical Hypnotherapy from the UK College of Clinical Hypnosis and Central England College, enabling you to start practicing immediately.

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One week is our Mindfulness Now Teacher Training course, approved by the British Psychological Society and, following assessment, you will receive an additional certificate as a qualified teacher and be eligible to use the Mindfulness Now logo and join the Mindfulness Teacher’s Register.

Once you have started to practice, you may then complete an optional portfolio and be independently assessed by a National Council for Hypnotherapy assessor and awarded the highly valued Hypnotherapy in Practice Diploma, the gold standard in UK Hypnotherapy training.

Course Syllabus and Dates

Mindfulness Now Accredited Teacher Training

Mindfulness is a scientifically evidenced approach to helping with many unwanted conditions, including anxiety, depression, stress and pain. Representing a convergence of ancient contemplative traditions, along with modern neuroscience, mindfulness is not considered to be a therapy, even though its effects are profoundly therapeutic. It is therefore taught or facilitated by a mindfulness teacher.

£800 (or reduced rate of £675*)

(*when you book 3 or 4 modules together)


Next Dates:

Mon 14th to Fri 18th February 2022

Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a vital cornerstone of modern psychotherapy with wide levels of credible research and proven success in overcoming behavioural difficulties. You will learn here how powerful hypnosis/CBT strategies can assist clients to overcome unwanted behaviours/habits, including over eating and smoking.

£800 (or reduced rate of £675*)

(*when you book 3 or 4 modules together)


Next Dates:

Mon 18th to Fri 22nd April 2022

Solution Focussed Hypno-Psychotherapy

The skills of assisting clients to resolve issues with which they may have struggled for some period of time, is, or should be, at the forefront of all psychotherapeutic training.
Beginning with counselling skills and rapport building techniques, this 5 day certificated training develops into the use of Solution
Focussed Hypno-Psychotherapy techniques, including the use of therapeutic metaphor.

£800 (or reduced rate of £675*)

(*when you book 3 or 4 modules together)


Next Dates:

Mon 30th May to Fri 3rd June 2022

NLP / Ericksonian Hypnosis

Ericksonian Hypnosis, which is also an important element of NLP, teaches us to utilise whatever the client presents us with, on the basis that the answers always lie within, no matter how deeply buried they may be.
Ericksonian language patterns enable us to discover what our clients really want and how to use appropriate language and strategies, as therapists, to coach our clients, helping them to make rapid, genuinely effective and permanent change.

£800 (or reduced rate of £675*)

(*when you book 3 or 4 modules together)


Next Dates:

Mon 25th to Fri 29th July 2022

£500 Discount Offer

Book all 4 modules at the same time and receive a total discount of £500. The cost of your entire diploma will be reduced from £3,200 to £2,700. A payment plan option may be available depending on when you book.

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£375 Discount Offer

If you've already completed your Mindfulness Now teacher training module, book all 3 hypnotherapy modules at the same time and receive a total discount of £375. The remaining cost of your diploma will be reduced from £2,400 to £2,025. A payment plan option may be available depending on when you book.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

We are very confident that you will learn a great deal from our course and enjoy the professional and relaxed learning environment we create. However, after the first day of training, if you are not satisfied for any reason and decide not to continue, we offer a refund of your remaining days without question.

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More Details About the Course

The course is developed and run by tutors of the UK College of Clinical Hypnosis, also known as Central England College.

The course is externally accredited and validated by the National Council for Hypnotherapy. It meets the standards required to complete the NCH Hypnotherapy in Practice Diploma.

It meets the requirements for registration with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council, which is the UK Government register of complementatry healthcare practitioners. It also meets the requirements for registration with the National Register of Psychotherapists and Counsellors.

The Mindfulness Teacher Training module is approved as a vocational training course by the British Psychological Society.

The course consists of 4 modules and each module is individually certified in itself.

To complete the Mindfulness-Based Clinical Hypnosis Diploma, you must complete all 4 modules in any order.

Each module is held over 5 consecutive days and you are required to attend all sessions to pass.

Each day is typically scheduled from 10am to around 4:45pm, providing adequate travel time at the start and end of each day.

To view the detailed syllabus, please see the individual pages for:

The Mindfulness Teacher Training Module is also a stand-alone course and qualification and you can read more about this here.

Your assessment of each module consists of the following:

  1. Observation of your participation on the module
  2. Completion of a short question paper after the module
  3. Completion of a case study after the module

The question paper and case study must be completed and submitted within 6 months of completing the module.

At the start of the module, you will receive the detailed list of criteria that you will be assessed under and you will received feedback on your assessed work against this criteria.

Please note that the inclusive training fees cover assessment and certification.

You will receive a certificate on successful completion of each module.

When you have successfully completed all 4 modules, you will be awarded the Mindfulness-Based Clinical Hypnosis Diploma by the UK College of Clinical Hypnosis.

You will then be eligible to prepare and submit a portfolio of evidence in order to obtain the National Council for Hypnotherapy, Hypnotherapy in Practice Diploma, the gold standard in hypnotherapy qualifications.

Your portfolio will be assessed by an external assessor and you will be given detailed feedback on up to 3 occasions prior to submitting your final portfolio for the national Diploma.

As a graduate of the MBCH Diploma, we are committed to continuing to support you in your professional development and your practice as a therapist and/or mindfulness teacher.

We do this by working collaboratively with the UK College of Clinical Hypnosis/Central England College in order to provide you with:

  • A programme of continuing professional development opportunities
  • Individual and online group supervision to support you in your practice
  • A listing in the Mindfulness Teachers Register
  • 'Breathing Space', the learning and development journal for mindfulness teachers and therapists
  • Opportunity to attend drop-ins hosted by Mindfulness Now teacher trainers at any of our locations
  • Membership of the Mindfulness Now Facebook group and the Hypnocademy UK Facebook group
  • Email and telephone support

There are a number of valuable registers that you may wish to consider joining after you qualify.

In particular, we recommend you consider joining the Hypnotherapy Directory, which is a leading register and which we believe represents good value for money.

All of our training takes place at the Terapia Centre in the beautiful grounds of The Bothy, Stephens House & Gardens, Finchley, North London. Parking is available on the side streets opposite the Terapia Centre. Finchley Central Tube (Northern Line) is just 10 minutes walk. There is reasonably priced accommodation, shops and restaurants nearby. Further details will be sent following your booking.

In line with our terms and conditions, we reserve the right to change the format of this course from face-to-face to online, should that be necessary on grounds of health and safety, Government advice or legal requirement.

Future modules are listed on this page. If the modules are full or you are unable to make particular dates, please contact us to join a waiting list and you will be the first to know when new dates are released.

Each module fee is £800, which is inclusive of the provision of training, electronic materials, refreshments, assessment, certification, the 'Breathing Space' journal and information about CPD and supervision opportunities.

A discount is available if you book all 4 modules together, a total price of £2,700, giving you a saving of £500. A payment plan may be available subject to when you are booking.

If you have already completed your Mindfulness Now Teacher Training week, you can book the 3 hypnotherapy modules for a total fee of £2,025, giving you a saving of £375. A payment plan may be available subject to when you are booking.

If the module you are interested in is more than 2 months away, we can reserve your place with 50% payment. The second payment is then due 4 weeks before the module starts. If this is of interest to you or if you wish to obtain the discounted price for booking 4 modules, please contact us so that we can set this up for you.

All teaching in London is led by Tony O’Shea-Poon. Tony is a therapist, coach, peace activist and mindfulness teacher/tutor. He has been practicing meditation for more than 25 years and teaching for many years.

Tony qualified as a mindfulness teacher with the UK College of Mindfulness Meditation. He is part of the official UK College of Mindfulness Meditation training team offering the Mindfulness Now programme, approved by the British Psychological Society.

Tony is also a clinical hypnotherapist, supporting individuals with a wide range of conditions and disorders using a variety of psychotherapeutic approaches. He has particular experience working with addictions, phobias, anxiety/panic and trauma. He has also developed a successful Mindful Eating 6-Step Programme which combines hypnotherapy, mindfulenss and coaching.

Tony is sometimes supported on this course by guest tutors of Central England College, including Nick Cooke who created the Mindfulness-Based Clinical Hypnosis Diploma Course.

There are no prerequisites for this course - only a strong interest in supporting people through the use of hypnosis and related psychotherapeutic techniques.

The structure of the course is such that you will be able to start to practice by the end of the first week. Like learning any new skill, you will become more proficient the more that you practice it and you will be required to demonstrate your knowledge and skill through assessment and ongoing continuing professional development.

To book a place, simply choose the module or modules that you are interested in and complete the online booking process.

If you are requesting a staged payment plan, please contact us.

When you book a place, we will send you a short form to complete to tell us about your motivation for joining the course. This is not an entry requirement. It allows us to ensure we provide training that is responsive to your needs and current level of understanding.

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