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  1. I treated myself to five one-to-one monthly coaching/teaching sessions with Tony. I was experiencing one of the most challenging times of my life and wanted to develop my mindfulness practice, especially in regard to living with physical pain. Working with Tony has helped me to feel more grounded and given me more resources to hold onto my joy each day. I also feel far better equipped to use mindful practice in relation to pain. I feel very grateful.

  2. Excellent course by Mindful Me, it was led by Tony O’Shea-Poon with such skilfulness and knowledge – the benefits that Mindfulness can bring to any aspect of our daily lives. It has helped me to tap into the breath which is always there. I would highly recommend Tony as a Mindfulness Teacher, very knowledgeable and full of warmth and kindness.

  3. This course has enabled me to use mindfulness and meditation techniques when I need them the most. I now have a good knowledge of mindfulness and practical tips to help me to continue to apply these in my life. Tony offers a supportive and encouraging place to learn.

  4. The mindfulness course has empowered me to confidently sit with all my thoughts and be ok with them … for me, this is the beginning of the rest of my life ❤️🕊

  5. Mindful Me ran a great session at our mental health event for young people. I was helping to host the event so felt very stressed under the pressure of the day but instantly, as soon as the session began, I felt all of my worries go away. I will be sure to use some of the calming techniques in the future. Thank you!

  6. Having tried a little meditation before this course, I felt I needed a little more explanation and encouragement to continue with mindfulness. This course did just that.
    Very well taught in a non judgemental way, I now have a greater understanding of mindfulness and meditation and have learnt so many useful skills to manage my anxiety and also met some lovely people along the way.
    Tony is a lovely person who taught this 4 weeks course beautifully.

  7. I attended the four session mindfulness course which I found both interesting and very helpful in a practical way. Straightaway I felt I had some simple and effective ways to develop a calmer way to deal with life stresses. Tony is very accepting of everyone and leads the course and each practice with kindness, skill and humility. It is clear to see that Tony is passionate about mindfulness and about the benefits it can bring to everyone.

    The course organisation seemed effortless but as the information and reminders arrived in a timely way it is clear that everything is thoroughly planned to achieve maximum benefit.

    I would strongly recommend Tony’s training and mindfulness coaching.

  8. Before I came to do this course, I was rather desperate to find a way of managing my emotions, stress and anxiety issues. I found mindfulness to be the perfect tool for this. I am now beginning to feel a lot more together and find that Tony has enlightened me with an important knowledge that we are all entitled to. It’s now become a way of life for me . It can only get better from here. As a teacher of mindfulness, Tony is a natural. I can’t think of anyone who is more suited to it than he is.

  9. I attended the taster session last week and found it very helpful and enlightening , already I am using some of the techniques Tony showed us!
    I look forward to starting the Mindfullness Now course very soon!

  10. I found Tony to be an excellent teacher, calm, responsive and generally a good advert for the lived benefits of mindfulness! I found the meditation aspects of his course particularly beneficial, but I think there are lots of different practial elements he teaches that could help anybody in their everyday lives.

    1. Thank you, Dee, I’m glad to hear that the meditations were helpful. There are many good meditations available on YouTube and through Audible. I particularly recommend anything from Jon Kabat-Zinn, Mark Williams, Danny Penman or Vidyamala Burch. Keep practicing – the benefits of regular practice will be worth it!

  11. Tony is an excellent teacher. His delivery is both warm and clear. This and the pleasant venue, made it easy to take the Mindfulness tools and techniques on board.
    I have found the Course to have been of particular benefit with combatting seasonal low mood. However, I’m sure it will help anyone manage stress and understand their feelings better.

  12. I signed up for the course thinking it was going to be awkward and difficult, however, Tony made it so interesting, easy and since completing this course I find I have more meaning to life and make the most of every moment. I have awakened my senses.

    I have always been easily stressed and highly strung but since learning about Mindfulness I am learning to go right back to the moment and look for the good in that moment and learn what I am feeling.

    A very informative, helpful and enjoyable experience. The venue was absolutely perfect. Thank you

    1. Thank you, Tova, for your kind feedback. I like your description of ‘awakening the senses’!

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