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Eat Well - Love Yourself - Lose Weight

6 Steps to Transform Your Relationship With Food and Your Body

Mindful Eating 6-Step Programme - Let Go Of Your Past

6 Proven Tools and Therapies to Transform Your Life

Mindful Eating 6 Step Programme - Meditation


A four part self-study programme that helps you to understand your mental health, stay positive and build resilience with mindfulness

Mindfulness for Positive Mental Health - 40+ Pages of Full Colour PDFs
Mindfulness for Positive Mental Health - In Depth Podcasts from the Course Author
Mindfulness for Positive Mental Health - Guided Meditation Practices

Individual Therapies

I provide psychotherapeutic and mental health wellbeing services to individuals.

During the initial assessment, I will suggest suitable therapies from one or more of the following.

hypnotherapy milton keynes


Cognitive behavioural, solution-focused and Ericksonian hypnotherapy, according to your needs

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Quit 4 Life Smoking Cessation Therapy

More effective than any other therapy in helping you stop smoking; usually effective with just one or two sessions

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Regression Therapy

Using a variety of techniques to help you revisit childhood or life events to deal with repressed memories or trauma

eye movement desensitisation icon

Eye Movement Desensitisation (EMDR)

Proven to be effective in releasing emotions from past events, either one-off or cumulative trauma, including PTSD

Emotional Freedom Technique icon

Emotional Freedom Technique

Dealing with negative emotion by correcting disruption in the body's meridian energy system

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Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy

Combining mindfulness and cognitive therapy, MBCT gives you the skills to break unhelpful thinking and behaviour patterns

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Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

Using awareness of breath and body to develop a calm and peaceful mind

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Life Coaching

Helping you identify objectives, explore options, develop confidence and take action to change any aspect of your life

Career Coaching icon

Career Coaching

Helping you identify your interests, resources and opportunities and take action to achieve your career goals

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Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

Supporting you to let go of past and current difficulties and to live your life aligned to your values

Compassion Focused Therapy icon

Compassion-Focused Therapy

Helping you to release self-criticism, self-judgment and limiting beliefs and to grow in confidence, self-love and self-compassion

Mindful Eating 6-Step Programme - Let Go Of Your Past

Mindful Eating 6-Step Programme

A unique weight management programme, proven to help you transform your relationship with food and with your body

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My approach is open, non-judgemental, non-directive and solution-focused.

During the initial consultation, I will listen, ask helpful questions and suggest appropriate therapies to meet your needs. If you decide to proceed with therapy, we will agree a plan and the number of sessions.

Classes, Courses & Events for Individuals

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Dana Donation

Your generous donation will help Mindful Me to subsidise mindfulness classes and courses for those...

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Free Resources

Visit the Resources page to access free mindfulness and meditation video, audio and reading material

What People Say

I came to Tony feeling a little apprehensive, I didn't know what to expect or how his different techniques would make me feel or even impact my life. I came to see Tony for my gambling addiction and even from our initial consultation ( over video call ) I could just tell that he knew what he was talking about and had lots of ideas on how to help me. During the actual hypnosis I found Tony to be very understanding of my feelings and personal situation, everything was tailored to me. Our sessions were planned out well and often ran over ( which there was no charge for ). I admit, at first, I was dubious of hypnosis but I am happy to admit I was wrong! Completely gamble free, despite a big test recently. Thank you Tony!
gambling addiction
I treated myself to five one-to-one monthly coaching/teaching sessions with Tony. I was experiencing one of the most challenging times of my life and wanted to develop my mindfulness practice, especially in regard to living with physical pain. Working with Tony has helped me to feel more grounded and given me more resources to hold onto my joy each day. I also feel far better equipped to use mindful practice in relation to pain. I feel very grateful.
Pain management
I really wanted to lose weight. I stopped weighing myself a while ago because I had built a negative relationship with the number on the scales, and instead I've been keeping my measurements, and I definitely noticed that I lost weight through the programme. But more than that, I have a lot more mental resilience, I'm able to move my body and go outside without getting wrapped up in my own self-loathing. My mind feels less heavy and I'm able to focus easier on creative projects. I still want to continue losing weight, but I feel now that I have the tools to a better and healthier life.
Mindful Eating 6-Step Programme
I had the chance to have been treated by Tony for my spiders phobia. I have had this phobia since my childhood and it was very annoying in my everyday life. Everything I was doing, I was thinking first "will there be a spider?"... (Gardening, cleaning the house, going in the garage or in the loft)... After the first session with Tony everything changed instantly, the fear was gone! A couple more sessions helped me to be able to keep them alive and release them outdoor... I can't thank Tony enough for having changed my everyday life!!! Thank you for your amazing work and your kindness.
Spider phobia

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