Mindful Me has gathered together some Helpful Resources for mindfulness students and practitioners, including audio, video and podcast files.

If you’re attending a course, the teacher may direct you to specific resources.

If you’ve completed a course, you’ll be given access to additional Resources for Graduates, which includes original material created by the teacher.

Animation: Mindfulness is a Superpower


Animation: What is Mindfulness? ScienceGuy explains

Animation: Benefits of Mindfulness

Mindfulness Meditations

The 9 Attitudes of Mindfulness by Jon Kabat-Zinn


Free Online Resources

Buddha Net (Buddhism Resources)

Yoga Basics (Articles and Instruction Videos)

Mindfulness in Schools Project

How To Look After Your Mental Health Using Mindfulness (booklet from the Mental Health Foundation, Feb 2017)


Recommended Apps (contain in-app purchases)  Available in the App StoreAvailable in the Play Store




Headspace   App Store   Play Store

The Mindfulness App   App Store   Play Store

Mindfulness: Finding Peace in a Frantic World   App Store   Play Store


Podcasts (free on iTunes and on Podcast Addict)

Available in iTunes

Available in Podcast Addict

Radio Headspace – Linked to the Headspace App – provides inspiration for a healthier, happier life

All in the Mind – BBC Radio 4 programme exploring the limits and potential of the human mind

The Mindful Kind – New ideas and practical mindfulness exercises from Rachael Kable