Wellbeing at Work

Mindfulness for Coaches and Mentors

6 Hours

This unique and cutting-edge short course or continuing professional development day is created especially for those who are coaching or mentoring within your organisation.

Participants will learn the fundamentals of mindfulness and how to integrate mindful communication skills with their coaching/mentoring practice to improve their personal presence and positive impact on coachees/mentees.

The delivery schedule is very flexible, for example it can be a full day, two half days or three sessions of 2 hours each.


The course will enable coaches and mentors to develop competence in mindful awareness, for their personal benefit and for the benefit of those they coach and mentor.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, participants will have:

  1. An understanding of mindfulness and the many benefits it can bring to individuals and workplaces;
  2. Practiced mindfulness to support them personally and support them in their role as a coach or mentor;
  3. Learned 4 practical ways of integrating mindfulness into their coaching practice;
  4. Learned a 4-step model for managing difficult emotions in the present moment, which they can easily teach their clients;
  5. Understood the 3 vital skills of effective mindful communication and practiced using these.

Prior learning

The course assumes that participants have prior knowledge and experience of coaching and/or mentoring.

No prior experience of mindfulness is necessary.

Additional resources

This course gives added value by providing additional resources before and after the course.

Before the course, participants are asked to listen to an introductory mindfulness practice and to read a short article on mindfulness in coaching. This prepares them to really get the most from the training day.

After the course, participants are given access to recordings of the mindfulness meditations they learned during the day, so they can continue to develop their understanding and competence after the course.

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