Mindfulness Teacher Training London

The certified Mindfulness Now Teacher Training programme is approved by the British Psychological Society and will equip you to teach mindfulness in schools, in workplaces, in groups and in 1-2-1 therapeutic settings.

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October 2020

Mindfulness Meditation Certified Teacher Training

Mon 5th to Fri 9th October

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October 2020

Price: £800

Venue: Online

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March 2021

Mindfulness Meditation Certified Teacher Training

Mon 1st to Fri 5th March

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March 2021

Price: £800

Venue: Terapia Centre, Finchley, North London

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Research shows that mindfulness meditation offers powerful health and wellbeing benefits. Qualified teachers are in high demand, teaching 1-to-1, group classes and courses, leading retreats and within organisational settings.

Mindful Me - Wellbeing at Work

The Mindfulness Now certified teacher training programme is approved by The British Psychological Society and includes specialist tuition in mindfulness approaches, integrating key elements of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). Both are evidence based and the latter is recommended by NICE, the National Instituted for Health and Care Excellence.

Mindfulness Teacher Training London – The Mindfulness Now Programme is now available in London! Courses are led by Tony O’Shea-Poon, an experienced therapist, mindfulness teacher and coach. Tony is the lead trainer for London and is part of the official UK College of Mindfulness Meditation training team offering the Mindfulness Now Teacher Training Programme – see more information about Tony below.

If the courses listed are full and you would like to join our waiting list so you are the first to know when new dates are advertised, please contact us.

More About The Course

The Mindfulness Now programme was developed by the UK College of Mindfulness Meditation and the Programme is delivered nationally by a small team of experienced, professional mindfulness teacher trainers.

The Mindfulness Now programme offers an integrated approach to mindfulness teacher teaching and aims to equip teachers to work with individuals and groups with many requirements including physical and emotional pain, stress and anxiety, as well as building emotional resilience.

After completion of the course, successful graduates are awarded the Mindfulness Now Certificate and offered the opportunity to join the national network of Mindfulness Now licensed and certified teachers.

The Mindfulness Now teacher training programme is contained in an intensive 5-day course which is experiential in nature.

Although distance courses in mindfulness exist we believe that for a vocational qualification it is vital that teachers learn through a ‘hands on’ practical approach with plenty of discussion and the learning dynamic which can only come out of working in a mutually supportive group.

The programme is designed to guide students, over 5 consecutive days, through a combination of practical ‘hands on’ learning along with the teaching of underpinning theoretical knowledge.

Students receive a comprehensive training manual, provided electronically, to enable them to tailor teaching to specific needs. Additional handouts are provided as needed. Similarly, PowerPoint slides used within some parts of the training are also supplied to students for them to use or modify for use, where appropriate in their future teaching.

There is plenty of time built in to ask questions, to get to know other participants and to learn at a pace that is focused yet unhurried.

Teacher training includes the unique Mindfulness Now programme which offers an integrated approach to using mindfulness techniques to help clients deal with: pain, rheumatic conditions, stress, anxiety and serious physical and emotional trauma, as well as building emotional resilience. Meditation sessions are conducted daily as part of the teacher training and all participants engage in some facilitated teaching practice.

The delivery of the course is flexible, responding to the needs and interests of participants, and includes the following:

  • Client/learner assessment protocols
  • Cautions, safeguards and contra-indications
  • Session recording and evaluation
  • History of mindfulness and mindfulness meditation
  • How to conduct mindfulness meditation sessions – seated, lying and movement based
  • Attitudinal Basis (7 +2 Attitudes – Kabat-Zinn)
  • 3 stage breathing space (hourglass)
  • Mindfulness of the body, in stillness and in movement
  • Mindfulness of sounds, thoughts and feelings
  • Mindfulness in wellbeing
  • Mindfulness teaching techniques and methodologies
  • Therapeutic interventions with mindfulness
  • Developing the teacher’s own mindfulness practice
  • Conducting individual/group sessions
  • The Mindfulness Now 8 week programme
  • Stress Reduction – the MBSR approaches
  • Cognitive behavioural approaches – using MBCT
  • Integration of mindfulness with other therapeutic modalities
  • Corporate applications of mindfulness
  • Working with children

Mindfulness Now participants are assessed on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Rapport skills
  • Assessment and preparation of clients/learners
  • Client/learner safety
  • Teaching/facilitation ability
  • Outcome monitoring
  • Client/learner evaluation

The following assessment methods are used:
  • Observational assessment during the 5-day training course
  • Post-course written assignment that includes a question paper and submission of a completed case study

Please note that the inclusive training fees cover assessment and certification, along with all teaching materials provided electronically.

As a graduate of the Mindfulness Now programme, you are eligible to use the Mindfulness Now logo on your website, publicity and training materials.

Mindfulness Now is not a business franchise and there is nothing to purchase beyond the course fees. Following successful assessment, you are granted an annual license, renewable on the basis of evidence of continuing professional development.

As a graduate of the Mindfulness Now teacher training programme, we are committed to continuing to support you in your professional development and your practice as a mindfulness teacher.

We do this by working collaboratively with the UK College of Mindfulness Meditation in order to provide you with:

  • A programme of continuing professional development opportunities
  • Individual and group supervision to support you in your practice
  • A listing in the Mindfulness Teachers Register
  • 'Breathing Space', the learning and development journal for mindfulness teachers and therapists
  • Opportunity to attend drop-ins hosted by Mindfulness Now teacher trainers at any of our locations
  • Membership of the Mindfulness Now Facebook group
  • Email and telephone support

The Mindfulness Teachers Register was launched by the UK College of Mindfulness Meditation in 2019 and has quickly become the largest professional register of mindfulness teachers in the UK. By being listed on the Register, your opportunities for obtaining work are much increased.

The Register is free to join and is made up of a community of certified teachers of mindfulness. It is open to all teachers of mindfulness who have a recognised, externally verified training and qualification in mindfulness teaching.

All members of the register agree to the following conditions:

  • To follow a strict code of ethical practice
  • To be supervised and undertake continuing professional development (CPD)
  • To maintain adequate professional insurance
  • To not bring the register into disrepute

Mindfulness Teacher Training London course takes place at the Terapia Centre in the beautiful grounds of The Bothy, Stephens House & Gardens, Finchley, North London. Parking is available on the side streets opposite the Terapia Centre. Finchley Central Tube (Northern Line) is just 10 minutes walk. There is reasonably priced accommodation, shops and restaurants nearby. Further details will be sent following your booking.

Future courses are listed on this page. If the courses are full or you are unable to make particular dates, please contact us to join a waiting list and you will be the first to know when new dates are released.

The course fee is £800, which is inclusive of the provision of training, electronic materials, refreshments, assessment, certification, listing on the Register upon satisfactory completion of assessment, the 'Breathing Space' journal and information about CPD and supervision opportunities.

If the course you are interested in is more than 3 months away, we can reserve your place with 50% payment. The second payment is then due 2 months before the course start. If this is of interest to you, please contact us so that we can invoice you to arrange a bank transfer.

The course is led by Tony O’Shea-Poon. Tony is a therapist, coach, peace activist and mindfulness teacher. He has been practicing meditation for more than 20 years.

He qualified as a mindfulness teacher with the UK College of Mindfulness Meditation and is trained to deliver Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy courses. He is part of the official UK College of Mindfulness Meditation training team offering the Mindfulness Now programme, approved by the British Psychological Society.

Tony is also a workplace coach and clinical hypnotherapist, supporting individuals with a wide range of conditions and disorders using a variety of psychotherapeutic approaches. He is a practitioner of mindfulness in the Plum Village style, a tradition taught by Buddhist Zen Master, Thich Nhat Hanh.

Tony is supported on this course by Rachel Ashcroft.

Rachel is a Mindfulness Practitioner, Coach, Teacher and Trainer. She is a qualified mindfulness teacher, licenced to deliver the national Mindfulness Now Programme, approved by the British Psychological Society.

Rachel is also an accredited NLP coach and supports clients within the workplace though Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). Rachel travels up and down the country delivering mindfulness training to school teachers and runs workshops for children and teenagers to support them on their wellbeing journey.

There are no prerequisites for this course - only a strong interest in meditation and mindfulness practice. You do not have to be a Buddhist or hold any other belief for that matter. The structure of the course is such that you will be able to communicate and start to teach mindfulness by the end of the week. Like learning any new skill, you will become more proficient the more that you practice it and you will be required to demonstrate evidence of CPD as part of the ongoing license agreement.

When you register, we will send you a short form to complete to tell us about your experience of mindfulness to date. This is not a test. It allows us to ensure we provide training that is responsive to your needs and current level of understanding.

To register, simply choose the course dates you are interested in and complete the online booking process.

Frequently Asked Questions

You sign up by purchasing a course product on our website. Add the course to your basket and provide your details at checkout. You will have an option to pay by direct bank transfer or through PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can also select PayPal option and pay with a credit card. Alternatively you can email us, providing your full address and mobile number and we will invoice you for payment. (See our FAQ about paying in instalments)

In order to provide open access to our training we make no assumption of any prior learning. We simply ask that students already practice mindfulness meditation personally and are committed to ongoing practice. This inevitably means that some students on our teacher training will have more experience than others. They may, for example, have already attended an eight-week mindfulness programme but this is not necessary since we cover this in the course.

Yes, you can attend regardless of your country of residence. We have had students attend from all over the world. However, you must attend the course in person in the UK as we do not offer a distance learning option.

Our London course is held at the wonderful Terapia Centre, a therapy and training centre for child and adolescent psychotherapy. The centre is located at The Bothy building in the grounds of Stephens House and Gardens in Finchley, North London. Parking is available on the side streets opposite Stephens House and Finchley Central Tube Station (underground) is located just 10 minutes walk away.

The hours are 10am to 5pm on the first four days and 10am to 4:30pm on the final day.

The course fee is £800.

The fee includes 5 days intensive training, handouts, refreshments, assessment, eligibility to join the Mindfulness Teachers Register on completion of assessment, the Breathing Space journal, eligibility to join the Mindfulness Now Facebook page and ongoing support, including access to supervision and CPD opportunities. A comprehensive printed training manual is included as well as PowerPoint slides for mindfulness teaching, working with children and for corporate presentations. All resources are supplied electronically so that they can be adapted for your use later.

If the course you want to join is more than 3 months away, you can pay a 50% deposit to secure your place. The remaining 50% would be due 6 weeks before the course starts. If you wish to pay by instalments, please contact us, providing your full postal address and mobile number and we will invoice you for payment.

Unfortunately, we can only reserve a place for you on receipt of either full payment or a 50% deposit.

If you are unable to attend the course you have booked for any reason, we would ask you to give us as much notice as you can and at least one month. At the price point we charge, we need to fill all places in order to make the course viable. We will do what we can to offer you a future course date, either in the same location or in an alternative location. We do not normally offer a refund other than in exceptional personal circumstances and only where we can fill your place on the course. In such cases, we may charge you an administration fee of £25 and pass on any other costs we have incurred. Any refund we agree is normally paid within 4 weeks of the start date of the relevant course.

The course is not residential but some students, because of the distance they may need to travel, decide to stay locally. (See our FAQ about local accommodation)

Yes we can. We have collected together a list of accommodations and details about how to search for hotels, hostels, B&Bs and other accommodation in the local area. We send you this as soon as we receive payment.

We send you a number of things in advance, including a welcome letter, reading list, local accommodation list and a registration form. We do not send the course materials in advance.

The course has been running successfully since 2014 and we have trained students in many locations throughout the UK.

Nick Cooke is the founder of the UK College of Mindfulness Meditation. Nick developed the Mindfulness Now course after his own experience of using mindfulness to help him with his recovery and rehabilitation, including coping with pain following two serious and life-threatening illnesses. As a therapist, he has considerable experience of practising and teaching mindfulness to clients, leading to very positive results in managing stress, anxiety, depression, physical and emotional pain.

It is vital when undertaking training of this nature to ensure that the approval and accreditation meets your needs. Our training has been rigorously assessed by the British Psychological Society (BPS) to ensure that it meets the continuing professional development requirements for psychologists. However, you don’t need to be a psychologist to undertake this training. With the BPS seal of approval many of our former students teach mindfulness within the NHS, mental health services, all levels of the educational system, within the charity sector, complementary therapies, as well as many other environments, including corporate settings.

You can read some testimonials about the course on our website. You can also watch a short video where some graduates of the course talk about their experience. You can also read testimonials for Tony O’Shea-Poon, who leads the Mindfulness Now course in London.

See the course syllabus on our website for a breakdown of the course content.

The programme is designed to guide students, over 5 consecutive days, through a combination of practical ‘hands on’ learning along with the teaching of underpinning theoretical knowledge. There is plenty of time built in to ask questions, to get to know other participants and to learn at a pace that is focused yet unhurried.

To qualify and obtain the certification as an accredited mindfulness teacher, students are required to attend the 5-day intensive course and complete two assignments – one a case study report and the other a brief written question and answer paper. The case study must also include an audio recording of teaching mindfulness to an individual or a group. These have to be submitted together, within 6 months of attending the training. Further guidance is provided during the training.

Qualified teachers through this programme are offered to opportunity to sign up as licensed and accredited teacher on an annually renewable basis. There is no charge for this.  Licensed and accredited teachers will be able to apply to be members of the Mindfulness Teachers Register. Once again, no charge applies to this. Licensed and accredited teachers are required to observe a code of ethics which includes the necessity for professional insurance, continuing professional development (CPD) and supervision.

The Mindfulness Now accredited teaching qualification can lead to a rewarding career teaching mindfulness, one-to one, or in groups. Mindfulness Now graduates work in many diverse environments including the NHS (including mental health), schools and further/higher education, learning disabilities, hospice movement, charities, as well as in complementary health and in corporate settings. Many mindfulness teachers are self-employed and many incorporate it alongside coaching or other therapeutic work. As part of the training all students receive instruction on practice building and developing corporate work opportunities. Graduates are eligible to obtain professional indemnity and public liability insurance.

Supervision is considered to be helpful and beneficial to all mindfulness teachers and is essential if you wish you maintain an annual Mindfulness Now license and be included on the Mindfulness Teachers Register. Group supervision is offered to all students by our Mindfulness Now trainers and is held in various locations. Alternatively, graduates may arrange 1-2-1 supervision as required by skype or phone. Some CPD events also include supervision and we are exploring options for online supervision in future.

Continuing Professional Development is helpful and beneficial to all mindfulness teachers and Central England College and the UK Centre for Mindfulness Meditation provide an ongoing programme of training events, some of which have time for group supervision built in. Relevant CPD may also be undertaken elsewhere providing it is directly relevant to mindfulness. We would normally expect licensees to attend a minimum of 2 days (12 hours) CPD per annum.

It’s easy. Once you have your certificate, which is proof of your qualification, you visit the Mindfulness Teachers Register online and complete the short application form. Once your entry has been approved, you will be able to edit the entry at any time yourself.

To receive the regular mindfulness journal, ‘Breathing Space’, we will provide your email address to Central England College, who own the Mindfulness Now brand and are the founders of the UK College of Mindfulness Meditation. This is also how you will be notified of CPD and supervision opportunities in the future. If you do not wish to receive the journal, you can unsubscribe at any time.

The Mindfulness Now training team is a small team of professional mindfulness trainers, who between them have decades of experience in practising and teaching mindfulness and personal experience of its benefits. The London course is led by Tony O’Shea-Poon. Tony is a therapist, clinical hypnotherapist, coach, mindfulness teacher and peace activist. He has been practicing meditation for more than 20 years and is a practitioner of mindfulness in the Plum Village style, a tradition taught by Buddhist Zen Master, Thich Nhat Hanh.

There is an optional ‘Learning Pathway’ for qualified Mindfulness Now teachers. This runs between April and October each year and includes supervised teaching practise, further training in ‘third wave’ approaches including Compassionate Focused Therapy, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), as well as a ‘Train the Trainer’ module. This may lead to a licensing opportunity to provide teacher training of mindfulness within agreed areas. The Learning Pathway is available to a very limited number of participants annually and further information is available upon request and via interview with course tutor, Nick Cooke.

We hope that the information provided here has helped you in making your decision. If you have any questions or if the listed courses are full and you would like to join our waiting list, please contact us.

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