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Group supervision is hosted by Mindfulness Now tutors, Tony O’Shea-Poon, Rachel Ashcroft and Sharon Conway.

Our Group Supervision is open to all qualified and soon-to-be qualified mindfulness teachers, regardless of where you have trained.

Group supervision can be a powerful and rewarding experience.

The purpose of group supervision is for you to bring issues or challenges that you would like to share with others in order to receive helpful and relevant information, guidance and support, for your personal benefit and the benefit of those you work with.

For example, you could bring one or more issues related to:

  • Your work with individual clients
  • Your work with groups
  • Your work in organisational settings
  • Establishing your business, brand, products, etc.
  • Your understanding of the practice and teaching it
  • Your personal practice

Group supervision is great value as you get a lot more time than you do for one-to-one. Of course, you do have to share that time with others, but that’s part of the added value.

We also usually spend some time sharing resources and enjoying a short practice together.

You can book Group Supervision by purchasing the product directly on this page, selecting your preferred date(s). If you want to book more than one date, add each one to your Basket.

All sessions are 2.5 hours in duration and the times are shown with each date.

We look forward to welcoming you to the group soon.

Warm wishes

Rachel, Sharon and Tony

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Private One-to-one Supervision

Sometimes a private 1-2-1 supervision with your tutor may be more appropriate to your needs.

There are many reasons why you might prefer to book a private 1-2-1 supervision session. Some of these include:

  • The group supervision dates don’t work for you
  • You want to top up your group supervision sessions
  • A challenging issue arises between group sessions
  • You want dedicated time for your issues/challenges
  • The issue is particularly sensitive or affecting you negatively and you’d rather not disclose this in a group

You can book a private 1-2-1 supervision session at any time with Tony, Rachel or Sharon. The fee is £40 for a session of between 30 and 45 mins.

Book 1-2-1 Supervision with Tony

Contact Rachel to book 1-2-1 Supervision

Contact Sharon to book 1-2-1 Supervision