Nine Attitudes Nineteen Classes


Please note that this resource is only available to qualified mindfulness teachers. We will need to verify your qualification by checking that you are on the Mindfulness Teacher’s Register or by viewing your qualification certificate before emailing the resource to you.

This 50+ page booklet is a huge and helpful collection of resources and ideas for new and experienced mindfulness teachers, to support teaching on the nine mindfulness attitudes, which is so fundamental to our teaching practice.

It is intended primarily for teaching groups in classes and drop-ins but is equally valuable when working on a one-to-one basis.

The booklet includes:

  • A tried-and-tested teaching format for classes and drop-ins
  • A list of essential resources to always have with you
  • 35 meditations, contemplations, movement sequences and other practices not included in the Mindfulness Now Teacher Training manual, many of which are created by Tony O’Shea-Poon
  • Additional discussion starters, poems, quotes and other inspirational content
  • Sufficient content on the nine attitudes for at least eighteen classes
  • An additional bonus section on the important topic of ‘Intention’, giving you content for class number nineteen

Information is set out in an intuitive and easy-to-follow colour-coded sequence, enabling you to choose content according to the ways you wish you engage your participants.

Each Attitude contains the following sub-sections:

  • Describe [the attitude] – a comprehensive and easy to understand definition
  • Benefits of cultivating [the attitude] – the key benefits highlighted from various research sources and literature
  • Discuss/contemplate [the attitude] – information that will help you to talk about the attitude in a meaningful, knowledgeable and credible way
  • Engage participants in [the attitude] – questions that you can pose to participants to help them engage more easily in the session
  • Practice [the attitude] – specific meditations, movements and other guided practices that you can lead participants through or invite them to do on their own
  • Inspire [the attitude] – stories, metaphors, poems and lots of quotes that will help your participants to understand at a deeper level
  • Top Tips for [the attitude] – some simple take-away messages for your participants

The booklet will save you a huge amount of time in what you would otherwise spend gathering together many different resources you may need. It will give you a tremendous boost to being able to teach the attitudes with confidence and ease. You can be very confident that the resources chosen are of a high quality and aligned with what you have already learned as a mindfulness teacher.

Your participants will really appreciate the wealth of ideas and practices that you share with them from this booklet. It will increase their appreciation and understanding of the attitudes, enabling them to deepen their practice.

The booklet is provided to you in both PDF and Word formats so you can change or move around any of the content if you wish.

Click on the ‘Look Inside‘ button to see some of the content.

I hope you enjoy using this booklet as much as I enjoyed creating it. You may wish to read the full description if you want to know the background to how and why this resource was created.


I ran my first 6 week mindfulness meditation group in November after recently qualifying with the Central England College. I just wanted to let you know that I found your book really helpful. I was able to use it as a starting point for some of my classes and found all the resources so helpful and they gave me much more confidence to deliver the sessions…the feedback was very positive and they all felt they’d benefited from the classes, had learned something and wanted to continue. Thank you so much – I know I’ll use your book as I continue on my mindfulness teaching journey!

The idea behind creating this booklet came from two sources. Firstly, over many years of running drop-in sessions, taster classes and other sessions, I found myself explicitly focusing on one or more of the nine mindfulness attitudes. They are so fundamental to the practice of mindfulness that it is essential to return to them again and again and find new ways to communicate and engage participants in deepening their understanding and cultivation of them. Over this time, I therefore gathered and developed a lot of material and also received much positive feedback from participants about the value of the discussions, practices and inspiring readings and exercises that we had shared together.

When I started to train mindfulness teachers for the UK College of Mindfulness Meditation, I always had so much content and so many ideas to share with aspiring teachers that it would be impossible to cover everything in our 5-day vocational courses. Feedback and requests from a good number of new teachers inspired me to start creating some practical resources that new teachers could pick up and run with immediately, resources that they could trust and rely on to give them more confidence at the start of their teaching journey

And so, the idea of this booklet emerged over time and it has been a labour of love for me to gather together and present some of the ideas I’ve created and used over several years. In the end, I believe it has become a useful resource for both new and more experienced teachers and for working with groups and individuals alike.

I do hope you enjoy using the ideas and resources provided here and that it is beneficial to you and your participants on your shared learning and teaching journey.

May your warmth radiate and spread beauty, love and peace in the world.