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Learn mindfulness to experience your vibrational energy field

Did you know that everything in the universe vibrates at its own frequency? And did you know that you can directly experience your own vibrational energy field and your connection to the universal energy field through mindfulness meditation?

This doesn’t require any imagination or visualisation on your part. Your energy and the energy of the university around you can be directly experienced and observed, creating a deep sense of peace and calm from deep within your true self.

All matter, including you, is, at a quantum level, made up of atoms. The activity of atoms emits waves of electrical energy, creating vibrations at different frequencies. Everything and everyone we can see, hear or experience in the universe vibrates at its own frequency but, at a quantum level, all of these energies are connected in a sea of constantly shifting and moving energy patterns.

Interesting, but so what?

Many people will know of the theory that ‘like attracts like’.

According to some views, it is possible not only to observe your energy field but also to change it so that you can create higher frequencies that attract more positive energy to you.

We can observe this in our own lives. If we are naturally more optimistic, we attract optimistic people but also help to bring out optimism in people who are not naturally optimistic. Similarly, if we are naturally more pessimistic, it doesn’t take long to start to see our pessimism spill over into our family, friends and colleagues.

Our thoughts therefore have a huge impact on the reality that we create for ourselves. When we expect positive things to happen to us, we emit particular energy frequencies which attract similar (positive) energy frequencies, and so we create a self-fulfilling prophecy. We want and expect something to happen and it does!

In reality though, many of us don’t have positive thoughts all the time. We are often anxious, stressed, fearful, doubtful, worried, angry, jealous, demotivated, depressed or experiencing other forms of pain and suffering. When we experience negative thoughts and emotions, we send out those frequencies in our vibrational energy and we attract those types of energy back to us.

If that’s the case, then is there any point in learning how to observe the vibrational energy field?

Yes, there definitely is a point in doing so!

Once you learn that everything in your lived reality is firstly created in the mind, you realise that you can learn to think in a different way and that this has the power to completely transform your life. But firstly, you have to learn to observe your mind, your true self and your vibrational energy field.

How to observe your vibrational energy field

It may sound somewhat contradictory, but one of the important first steps is to accept that you are not going to try to achieve any particular outcome at all!

Instead, through mindfulness meditation, you learn to calm and quieten the choppy waters of the mind using a series of meditative techniques, the simplest of which is observing the natural flow of the breath. Once the body and mind have settled sufficiently, observation of the mind can begin so that, instead of being caught up in thoughts, we learn to observe them quietly, dispassionately and without judgment.

It can take much practice but, eventually with sufficient patience and perseverance, when we are no longer caught up in our thinking and our mind is quiet, a calm and expansive awareness will arise from deep within, sometimes accompanied by a joyful feeling.

At this level of consciousness, the vibrational energy field appears to arise and it can be directly perceived. However, it is not really a case of it arising at all. It was there all the time but, through mindfulness meditation practice, you have stilled your thinking mind sufficiently to allow you to experience it.

Importantly, no-one can learn how to observe their vibrational energy field through reading about it or understanding it theoretically. It can only be learned throught practice and experience.

How to change your vibrational energy field

There are many things you can do to change the vibrations that you send out into the world and some sources suggest everything from singing and dancing to wearing colourful clothes that make you feel more cheerful. You can do all of that, and more, without learning to meditate at all.

However, to change patterns of negative thinking, a cognitive therapy approach (as taught by many mindfulness teachers) is proven to be helpful. This approach involves recognising unhelping thinking patterns and intervening to challenge and change those thoughts.

In mindfulness meditation practice, you learn to observe the thoughts that arise in the mind and the emotions assocated with these thoughts and you can start to see that these thoughts are not facts, but are merely constructs of your mind. With repeated practice, this realisation starts to sink in and it becomes easier to dissasociate from these negative thoughts and to create new ways of thinking. This can profoundly affect your outlook on life – and of course, your vibrational energy field with it

So what kind of energy field do you want to have? One that emits negativity, pain and suffering or one that emits positivity and joy ?

Mindfulness can help you to transform the way you think about and experience yourself and the world around you and to develop a vibrational energy field that will bring compassion, love and peace into your life.

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