Dealing with negative emotion by correcting disruption in the body’s meridian energy system

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What is it?

EFT is a modern ‘meridian’ therapy that identifies disruption in the body’s energy system as the cause of all negative emotions. The meridians are the same as those treated in Chinese medicine, from which the treatment is derived.

EFT does not require analysis of the problem as such but instead involves tapping the body at specific meridian points while reciting positive affirmations, effectively combining cognitive psychology with acupressure to address physical and emotional pain and imbalance.

What conditions is it helpful for?

EFT can be used for any condition where there is a perceived imbalance in the body and/or mind or where there is chronic physical or psychological pain.

It has been used for the following conditions:

  • Physical and emotional tension
  • Anxiety and nervous disorders
  • Depression
  • Holding on to emotions, e.g. anger, resentment
  • Weight loss
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Pain management
  • Grief and loss
  • Lack of confidence
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Does it work?

A major US study which combined results from 14 randomised controlled trials, demonstrated that EFT was highly effective in providing support to a wide range of people with conditions as varying as anxiety, phobias, excessive weight gain and fibromyalgia.

EFT is a therapy that is taught to clients so that they can use it again and again outside of clinical therapy.


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