Wellbeing at Work

No matter what your company does and no matter how big or small you are, Mindful Me has a service that can support you in promoting wellbeing at work. We’re skilled in facilitating groups of all sizes and have experience of working at Board level as well as shop/factory floors. We have a network of mindfulness teachers covering most parts of the UK and we’ve also teamed up with the experts at Wellbeing Worx to offer workplace at-desk massage, nutritional therapy, yoga and other therapies. So, whatever you have in mind, we can offer you a full workplace wellbeing programme.

Below are some of our most popular services and we can tailor everything to suit your company needs. We also offer discounts for bulk purchases. To talk to us about your wellbeing needs, you can book a free consultation Skype or Phone call here.

Benefits of Mindfulness at Work

Mindfulness is proven to have numerous benefits for individuals and for groups of people working together.

Scientifically proven benefits in the workplace include:

  • Reduced levels of anxiety
  • Better management of stress
  • Increased confidence and self-control
  • Increased focus and concentration
  • Increased attention span and memory
  • Increased resilience and emotional intelligence
  • Improved effectiveness of communication
  • Reduced conflict and greater cooperation

Learning in the workplace doesn’t have to take up much time and, once your employees have learned the practice, they will be able to practice at home. You’ll have happier employees and they’ll be more loyal to you and your company for giving them this wonderful gift!

Taster ClassTaster Class | 1 hour | £150 for up to 12 people

A taster class is the perfect way to give mindfulness a try at your workplace. The facilitator will lead a number of different mindfulness practices and will explain the background to mindfulness and the benefits of learning it. Participants are encouraged to reflect on their experience and there is time allowed for questions and to find out ways to learn more.

Relaxation ClassRelaxation Class | 1 hour | £150 for up to 12 people

If you want one-off support to help reduce workplace anxiety or tension, help your employees manage stress or increase personal resilience, this is an ideal class. The class consists of mindfulness meditation, mindful movement and breathing techniques that allow the mind to become calm and the muscles of the body to relax fully. No prior knowledge of mindfulness or meditation is assumed.

Mindful Movement ClassMindful Movement Class | 1 hour | £150 for up to 12 people

This class uses the body as a gateway to mindfulness and consists of very gentle yoga and stretching movements performed in both standing and sitting positions. No knowledge of mindfulness or yoga is required and participants work within the constraints of their own physical ability. Through movement and breath awareness, participants become grounded, more alert and more concentrated.

Wellbeing DaysWellbeing Days | Variable Time and Pricing according to your needs

More and more companies understand the benefits of a wellbeing programmes to help reduce workplace stress, boost staff loyalty and increase productivity. We can provide any combination of the above classes to support your wellbeing days. We also have a number of associates and can therefore create a single or recurring wellbeing day for you and your employees, consisting of mindfulness, at-desk massage, yoga, pilates, nutritional therapy or any combination of these. Book a time to talk to us and we’ll quote you for a package to suit your needs.

Stress Reduction CourseStress Reduction Course | 8 hours (4 x 2 hours) | £800 for up to 12 people

The Stress Reduction Course is a great choice if you want to invest in your staff for the long term. It’s based on the highly respected and effective 8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course, developed by the founder of modern mindfulness, Jon Kabat Zinn. This version of the course is condensed into just 4 weeks and still enables participants to experience all major aspects of mindfulness practice. By the end of the course participants will have learned mindfulness of breath, body, sounds, thoughts and feelings, as well as collecting a wide range of practical tools and techniques that will help them to be happier and more productive every day at work.

CoachingManagement Coaching (1-2-1) | 7.5 hours (5 x 1.5 hours) | £400

If you have a member of staff that requires 1-2-1 coaching because they’re having difficulties at work or because you want to help release their full potential, workplace coaching may be right for them. We have hundreds of hours of coaching experience and we combine mindfulness practice with International Coach Federation standards to support individuals to identify their objectives, work through difficulties and challenges and build confidence and greater workplace contribution. Normally we recommend 5 sessions for most people/issues. If you’re not sure if coaching is right for your employee(s), you can book a time to talk to us and we’ll help you assess its suitability.

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