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What is it?

Coaching brings awareness, deep listening and skillful questioning together to provide personal support for individuals with a wide range of needs, challenges or ambitions.

During coaching, the coach will work in partnership with you to create a vision of what you want, clarify specific goals, encourage self-discovery and growth, develop strategies and actions and support you to hold yourself to account for taking the actions you want to take.

What conditions is it helpful for?

Life Coaching is suitable for anyone that is feeling stuck or uncertain about their present situation or the future.

It is equally suitable if you have specific goals you want to achieve and want help in getting or staying motivated to achieve them.

It can help you to identify positive changes in any aspect of your life, and to take action to bring about those changes.

It can also help you to come to terms with changes that have happened to you and to reach acceptance, allowing you to let go and move on.

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Does it work?

Life Coaching is shown to be highly effective in helping all kinds of people to be clear on their goals and to work actively towards them, increasing productivity and effectiveness and resulting in positive lifestyle changes.


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