Mindfulness Workbook for Course Participants

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This delightful 45-page workbook has been especially created for new mindfulness teachers and those that want to run an 8-week (or 4-week condensed) course for the first time or want to improve the documentation for their existing course.

I created this workbook based on many years of running mindfulness courses and continuously improving and adding to the workbook in response to participant feedback.

The workbook will save you a lot of preparation time as everything your participants will need on your course is provided. You can continuously refer your participants to their workbook when you are teaching, making it much easier for you.

You can give your participants the workbook at the start of the course either as a printed copy or in electronic format if you’re teaching online.

Your participants won’t need any other documents. The workbook includes lots of space for them to write notes throughout the course and to keep a record of their home practice while they’re on the course, so they won’t need a separate notebook or journal.

It doesn’t assume any particular course structure, so you can change your content around and your participants can still use the workbook.

The workbook is provided to you in Word format so you can change any of the content if you wish, or just add your logo/name to the front to personalise it.

The content includes:

  • Introductory information about the course
  • Definitions of mindfulness, automatic pilot, everyday mindfulness and the 9 mindfulness attitudes
  • Guidance on practicing at home, including creating a supportive environment and how to manage difficulties that arise
  • 3 Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy exercises
  • 3 inspiring short stories
  • 11 meditations written out in full
  • A list of further resources
  • A home practice record form
  • Space throughout the workbook to capture thoughts, ideas and learning


Click on the ‘Look Inside’ button to see some of the content.

I hope you enjoy using this workbook as much as I have. Your participants will love it!


This workbook assumes that you will create meditation audio recordings for your participants so they can practice at home. Alternatively, you may refer your participants to the meditation recordings on this website.