Mindful Me Website Subscribers

You can subscribe to the Mindful Me website by entering your email address in the subscribe box that appears on pages of the Mindful Me website. By subscribing, you are giving Mindful Me permission to process your personal data for the purposes of contacting you about Mindful Me products and services and related products and services.

Individuals that participate in a Mindful Me service, for example coaching, a class or a course, give consent to be subscribed to the Mindful Me website and are added automatically. Individuals can refuse to give consent.

Subscribers receive an email notification when a news item is added to the Mindful Me website.

Subscribers may receive additional, occasional emails from Mindful Me about related products and services.

Information provided by subscribers during the subscription process or subsequently is held securely, is only used for the purposes outlined above and is never sold to a third party.

Subscribers can update the information held about them at any time by logging in to their profile on the website. If required, subscribers can reset their password by following the prompts.

Subscribers can unsubscribe at any time by following the link provided in all email communications.

Mindful Me Services

Prior to participating in services, you may be required to disclose personal information, including sensitive personal information such as relevant medical and health conditions. You may also disclose additional personal information during the provision of services, for example during a class or when being coached in a one-to-one capacity.

All information disclosed by you is used only for the purpose of providing the service that you have purchased.

Your personal information is held securely and will never be sold to a third party.

In exceptional circumstances, where there is a significant risk to your health and wellbeing or the health and wellbeing of another person or to comply with the law, Mindful Me may need to disclose your personal information to a third party, for example, to the police or to a medical practitioner. If this is likely to be necessary, a representative of Mindful Me will discuss this with you. Mindful Me will always operate within the law with regard to data protection.

You have a right to see the personal data that Mindful Me holds about you. If you would like to see this data, please contact us. Under the Data Protection Act, Mindful Me is lawfully allowed to charge an administration fee of £10 to process this request.