Mindful Movement Classes (Coming Soon)

This class focuses on the body as a gateway to mindfulness and consists of very gentle yoga and other movements performed in both standing and sitting positions. No knowledge of mindfulness or yoga is required and participants work within the constraints of their own physical ability.

Who is it for?

Mindful Movement classes are suitable for people that are completely new to mindfulness as well as those that are returning to practice after some time. The classes are especially suitable for people that find sitting for long periods difficult, because of either physical or emotional unease. They are suitable for everyone, regardless of physical ability, as all movements can be adapted to suit individual circumstances.

What happens at Movement Classes?

This is not an exercise class! There is no need to wear gym clothes or bring a yoga mat and you are unlikely to work up a sweat. Loose, comfortable clothing is recommended. All of the movements are gentle and are performed sitting or standing.

The programme consists of stretching the body slowly and focusing awareness on the effects on the breath and feelings in the body and mind both during and after each movement.

The teacher will lead the movements by example and participants will follow within the constraints of their ability. There is no requirement for participants to speak or contribute to discussion in the group.

Typically, participants will feel more fully grounded, more in touch with the sensations in their body and deeply relaxed at the end of the class.

How much time does it take?

All group sessions are scheduled for 1 hour.

Daily practice of at least 15 minutes between sessions is recommended.

How much does it cost?

£15 per session (an early bird discount rate may be available).

Where is it held?

All classes and courses are held at The Quaker Centre, Downhead Park, Milton Keynes, MK15 9BH.


[There are currently no classes scheduled]